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Ten Years of Panel de Pon

October 27, 1995: Panel de Pon was released in Japan. The rest is history.

I FINALLY REMEMBERED MY LIGHT SOURCE! Properly getting the light in place was essential to making this picture look right, and I remembered where my light was supposed to be and how it would hit (roughly) Lip. So yeah, it got major awesome since I remembered that one little thing.

Anyway, went back and corrected some errors I had in the character design. Her eyes, earrings and the clip at the end of her ponytail are actually more sky blue than the cyan/green cross I had pegged them as before; they're still not light enough now, but it's closer to the official design. As for the skirt, I used a lighter shade this time and it came out more pink instead of purple; it's closer to official, and I really like how it looks now.

I couldn't quite get the hands positioned properly; she is supposed to be bearing down on her arms. The lips had no definition. It looks okay, though I probably should have tinted them a little. As for the cheeks? I didn't get them properly puffed (when you blow air with such force as she is here, the cheeks puff out). Not quite sure what I should have done in that case; maybe extending the highlight or adding one in somewhere?

This one I sent into Intelligent Systems, albeit a week late. And they replied to me - you couldn't see it on the site for a couple months because of the long update cycles. Any more they just update scores and fan art and letters, so the update schedule is once every three months or so... but if you want to verify my claims, the official Panel de Pon site is here.

I lost the Photoshop source file for this and had to make the icon from the JPEG. Needless to say, I am not pleased.

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