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Adeleine Revised

The artistic amalgamation apexes with Adeleine, another asinine alteration of an already accepted adolescent. Accept with apologies this atrocious artistry and accomanying alltieration.

...Thesauruses are wonderful things.

Seriously though, I know I suck at backgrounds and that alone is probably the weakest part of the art. The image itself was my first foray into Photoshop 7 - and a wide number of things has changed. Gradients and floodfill are keyed to the same hotkey (G) when I was used to two seperate keys in Photoshop 5 (gradient G, flood fill K). The same for the brush, pencil and airbrush tools, all now keyed to B. It's going to take some getting used to.

Ado was never given an official age and when I started I had no idea how old she was supposed to be, either. I wanted to grow away from the stylized art used in the Kirby series in favor of a more realistic approach - and without an age guideline I ended up inflating her head to an ungodly proportion and didn't bother to reduce the length of the torso. Sorry about that =/

It's not often that I scan in art for CG in truecolor, but in this case I had to as well as find a way to preserve the pencil image as well as the lineart - I did this by seperating out the color from the lineart and breaking the lineart into two halves, Upper and Lower Body. I added a Desaturate adjustment step in between the Levels and Contrast adjustments I normally use to remove the odd bits of color from within the lineart - and with the pencil art on a seperate layer, it was untouched.

The pencil doodles are just like that in my sketchbook. I used the clone tool to expand the range of the paper grain and blurred it at the edges to give it the appearance it had originaly. The color difference is most noticeable around the edges of Kirby but for the most part I'm pleased with it.

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