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You do realize I'm going to kill you for this, right?

Short story behind this one. A while back me and my bud Justice had a little roleplay in GURPS. I brought my character Leslie into the campaign, and he had his viera Yue. I geared her closer to a scout for the rest of the party; of course, with the rest of the party being tanks and a combat oriented campaign for them, this made her a little hard to play as I wanted. So I had her break off from the rest of the group, and Yue followed her. She managed to worm her way into the protection of a merchant and worked behind his back to bring his downfall... by staging her own kidnapping, twice. One time almost a little TOO well.

After the first event was staged, Yue tore up her clothes to give the impression that she had to fight the way out; Leslie purposely dirtied and disshevelled her outfit. Of course, the gullible kindly Lord Granas with whom they were staying replaced their clothes. Yue got a revealing jade green dress; Leslie got this. As Justice put it, Ruffles where you didn't think they could put ruffles! Neither of them were too enthralled with their new outfits.

As the story continued, she tried staging a second kidnapping to throw suspicion off her and Granas, as well as to extort some money from the wealthe merchant. Remember what I said about it going a little too well? The abandoned building they decided to use as a meeting place happened to be the den of an assasins guild. Les hid in the shadows, trying rather unsuccessfully to make it look like someone had tied her up and left her there. I swear, the dice did not like me that session because the naga came home and *ahem* helped the illusion, I shall say.

This has to be by far the most elaborate outfit I've designed for her. I wanted a satin effect for the bodice and skirts, but didn't quite know how to pull it off effectively. I hope I came close to that. The lace edges and ribbons are supposed to be gold. The sleeves are almost arm length; only a little bit of the wrist is exposed between the cuff and the glove.

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