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Ashley - Reference Shot

Another picture for reference, this one of Ashley from WarioWare: Touched!. Yes, I think she would look absolutely adorable in a ruffled pink dress and yes there's no way she would willingly don one and would need help to otherwise. XD

My impressions of her character were influenced heavily by the work of several other artists and the US version of Ashley's theme. I have not heard the Japanese one, and I understand that it leaves a different impression of her.

Changes and tweaks from the official character design:

  • The over-large elaborate headpiece has been replaced with something a little less gaudy. I feel the thin headband suits her character a little better.
  • The dress is now more akin to a robe, with a sash to keep it closed.
  • Overall the character is a bit more realistic, though she is still quite young in my opinion. Hence, no definition.
  • I attempted to keep a slightly disshevelled look in her hair, In the lineart the edges of the hair were drawn with short, hashed lines to empahsise that.

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