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BabyCharmander in Dreamland

What the mur's going on here?

Starring the denziens of #bchat as such:

  • BabyCharmander as... herself.
  • Ceceil Felias as the Cheshire Cece
  • Windy Rat as the Rat Hatter
  • Zene as the White Zene
  • Ivyna J. Spyder as Ivyna J. Spider (replacing the Caterpillar)
  • Glod as the Glod of Hearts

Inspired by a random posting of The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll on Rainbow Resort. Someone menitoned BC in Wonderland, and it spiralled out of control from there. I drew this, adding in regulars from her IRC channel #bchat as players in this curious concoction.

My major gripes are with Zene and Glod. I only had one reference to work off of with Zene and I screwed up the hand pose like nobody's business. She's supposed to be shrugging, as in "Who cares if I'm late?" Yeah, I said about the same thing myself. As for Glod? Too dark. Couldn't quite approximate his more golden color, and even washing the body with a yellow pencil didn't help.

Everything else looks good though. I was able to do most of the shading by marker, meaning I had to do a minimum of touching up with pencils... apart from the aforementioned Glod mistake. Afterwards I took my black fine point Prisma and traced over the outlines of each character to make them more distinct from the background. It ended up reminding me distinctly of Paper Mario.

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Alternate images: Partially inked sketch (Zene and Ivy are still sketched.) Note the deliberate obfuscation in the URI.
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