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Fairies Wear Boots

These boots are made for walking...

Yes, I did get the inspiration for this from the title of a Black Sabbath song XD

You all remember Lip, right? As cool as her game was, no doubt the appearance of most of the characters was able to induce a savage number of cavities. Hence, here we have Lip refined.

Tried to keep in a similar style as the original character art, only with a more mature aspect. Still a slight poof to the sleeves and flounce to the skirt; still the ribbon tying the hair back. Redifined the boots though - lengthened the calf and added a buckle as a visible way of defining how they secured. Also defined the flowers adorning the boots as an attachment, and made the flower at the chest into a visible pendant.

Same character, just FAR less saccharine than the original. Prismacolor and Pitt artist pens on lightweight (15#) coated paper.

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