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Cheer Up, Emo Kirby

What can I say? The guys in BChat are crazy sometimes.

BChat log, Feb. 1 2006, 7:40 PM

<BabyCharmander> ...I cried when Galbo died
<BabyCharmander> Mostly out of pity for Kirby
<RevorTay> in theatres
<RevorTay> twice
<RevorTay> the only other movie I have seen twice in the theatres
<RevorTay> is Star Wars: Episode III
<IvynaJSpyder> Kirby is not allowed to have happiness.
<BabyCharmander> It's amazing that Kirby hasn't become emo yet XD
<BabyCharmander> "KIrby has become CUTTER-KIRBY! ...wait, that's a different kind."
<IvynaJSpyder> MK: "Get used to it."
<RevorTay> ahaha
<WhoopA> Oh jeez.
<RevorTay> Cutter Kirby
<WhoopA> I have to now.
<IvynaJSpyder> XD

One hour later, this was out of my computer.

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