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I Won't Lose You!

The power that wasn't supposed to exist... the girl who wasn't supposed to be. But these don't matter to me... all I know is that you're my friend. For that I would give anything for you! I won't let anything hurt you, I promise!

This is the first piece I did after I lost the art source on my computer. I stalled on it for the longest time because of that - time spent pining for art I had lost instead of creating something new. The other reason is I didn't even have a name for it when I set to drawing it and only a vague concept of what I wanted to do with it - this was done on request for Goldsickle at his persistent nagging and pushing. For Shiroma's panties. Watch out Gold, she's coming for you now because of it...

So, details? Not much to say other than one sheet for Shiroma and one for Chocobo. The rest was all done in Photoshop. The final file took up 1.3GB in memory - and Photoshop had not even 700MB allocated. This was a pain when saving but Photoshop 7 is fairly responsive otherwise and I didn't lose much speed even because of it. Although I do find it odd that Photoshop can only use a scratch disk on the root of a logical drive (say C: or H:, but not C:Temp)... I would rather not clutter up my hardware listing with drives that have only one purpose.

Most of my inspiration came when I finally came up with a name. With a name and a purpose, I could finally give the art my all and give it a proper finish. So here it is in all its glory

Shiroma and Chocobo are © Square Enix.

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