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Battle Scene - Leslie and Yue

Yes, she's cute. Don't call her that to her face though, or she'll get her friends and beat up on your pathetic ass.

Leslie's friend in this case is Justice's character Yue (from an RP that he's running).

I wanted to do two main things with this picture: to draw Les in something OTHER than her uniform, and with some OTHER expression than "cute schoolgirl." The reason: that's not the kind of character I've been playing her as. Rather, I played her as the "don't call me cute" type with a VERY short fuse. It's a very good thing that she's mostly not that great of a fighter, elaborate weapon or no.

As far as Yue goes, I asked Justice what outfit would go best for her (primarily because the RP is set in a "post-apocalyptic medieval" world)... and he suggested a catsuit. So I took a leotard used that. Originally she was going to be a little more busty but Justice asked me to tone it down slightly. Yue in the RP actually wears a dark heavy cloak and a long waist-length cap to conceal her platinum white hair and ears to match. The ears were actually styled after Momo's from Breath of Fire III - instead of sticking straight up, they flow back with the hair.

Yes, Yue's a bunny girl. Deal with it.

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