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Lost To The Miasma

Who are you? Is it your memories that make you who you are? The people you know, the things that you remember? The sum total of your experiences and feelings... is this who you are?

Then, what would happen should they be lost? If they define you... then what would you be without that definition? How would your shell of a body respond with nothing to drive you?

What would happen without your memories?

It might not seem important at first, but the memories you gain playing through Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles become extremely important during the end game. See, the final sequence after defeating the Meteor Parasite in Mount Vellenge can become very detrimental, very quickly.

The final boss, Raem, consumes your memories.

Myself, I was in relatively good shape coming in to that battle. I came out with a full third of my roughly eighty memories lost - converted to ammunition to destroy the purveyor of the mists blanketing the world or simply consumed and destroyed. In the end, Raem collapsed and I still had many of my memories intact.

In the game, the Black Knight and Hurdy were not so lucky.

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