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Come, See My Lovely Hammer

...when does a stylistic rendition of another's character cease to be that character and instead be something different?

Yes this is Amy Rose. Yes, she is human. Yes, I am tired of the same god damn rendition every other artist does when they make her human. It isn't inventive and it isn't original - the same old, same old. Just a girl with pink hair in Amy's red dress.

Every official rendition of the character has brought its own intterpretation of her to the table. The "official" creation is a lovestruck girl who's out for the heart of one certain blue blur, but who more than anything else just wants to be noticed - puppy love notwithstanding. There's the damsel in distress she was introduced as, but even that girl was offered the ability to fight back with the hammer she had in every game but the one she was introduced. The European comic gave her a different weapon and a different ability - that of marksman and fletcher. The puppy love grew into a taunting sarcasm typical of British humor, but a sincere hope lingered in the back of the wisecracks.

Three different evolutions of the same character - three stories, three interpretations. Now I bring mine to the table.

Changes and tweaks to the official character design(s):

  • She's human. If this wasn't any more obvious, I'd have to shoot someone.
  • Elements of all her character designs have been incorporated. The green button-down shirt and orange undershirt are inspired by the original character design, with the red vest based on the dress from her later official design. And only in the European comics would you find her wearing pants.
  • The hammer (official name: Pikopiko hammer, with the name Lovely hammer introduced in Sonic Battle) was given heft and weight. If it's intended as a weapon it needs weight to be believable. The original design for the hammer was more remniscient of a toy hammer - too light to be viable as a real weapon. The hand position was meant to emphasize this, with one hand on the handle and the other near the head to more easily maneuver it.
  • The device strapped to her left leg is a collapsible crossbow (her weapon in the European comics). The original design called for it to collapse on her forearm, but it wouldn't be visible on either arm at the angle it would be drawn.
  • Her age has been increased for this piece. At introduction, she was eight; current games place her at 12.
  • I was debating using gathered cuffs for the shirt, but thought it would be overkill and left it as is.

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