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The Mysidian duo. You know you love them.

I've been getting several FFIV related ideas recently, and I wanted to do something involving Palom (on the left) and Porom (on the right). I've got another one on the back burner involving Rydia - for that, she'll probably get more than just a "standing around looking cool," because I couldn't think of anything to do with these two without hitting a major story point. I may end up doing that too in the future, though don't expect these two to look the same. I made them too old here - they're supposed to be just kids.

With this I didn't ink on paper - I used this as an opportunity to get the hang of digital inking. After getting very intimate with the Pen tool in Photoshop I think it takes too long as opposed to regular inking as well as having ther caveat of not feeling natural - so, back to regular inking for me. I also lost my motivation part way through the coloring - I kind of had to kick myself in the rear to actually get up and finish it. Always something wonderful to keep in the back of your mind, huh?

Palom and Porom are © Square Enix.

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