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Looks like the "too late" Amy spoke of finally came.

And yes, Amy does declare in Sonic Adventure that she'll have Sonic chasing after her, "but by then it'll be too late!" Take this to its logical conclusion.

Until recently, I was completely unexposed to Britain's version of the Sonic comic... and then, out of sheer curiosity, I delved into this mysterious world. Not that bad, in my opinion; the characters evolved in a different direction than they did in the Archie series, and it's a refreshing look at some familiar characters - especially, in this case, Amy Rose.

If I understand correctly, before she ever weilded her Pikopiko Hammer Fleetway (the producers of the UK comic) saw fit to form Amy into an marksman and gave her a bow. This became a crossbow later in the series. Since I wanted to combine the storylines I returned her hammer (though considering its light weight and unnecessary bulkiness she'll probably use the crossbow more often). In the end this Amy is inspired by the Fleetway version of the Sonic comic with small touches here and there.

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