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Our Last Stand

The fate of the galaxy rests on the shoulders of one little pink creampuff.

Waitaminute... does he even have shoulders?!

It's been a while since I last did Kirby stuffage. A long while. All of it was before I discovered the Internet. Kirby's so easy to draw, but now I've done a whole bunch of his friends too! And enemies. Can't forget the enemies.

This image spanned three sheets of 9x12 paper; I actually drew Ado and Waddle Dee twice as the first time I inked Dee, I had a really shaky hand and the inking didn't come out right as a result. I also penned in Ado too short (she's about roughly equal in height to Dedede, I figure) so I figured the best thing for those two would be to start clean. O2's wings were done entirely in Photoshop; its body completely encompassed a landscape-oriented page.

The working file was 6000 pels wide and had a total of 26 layers - this may explain the numerous problems I had working in Photoshop. I recitified some of the problems by cranking the memory usage to 90% (and I have 1GiB available to me normally) but even so it still doesn't like me. Now I can't even get it to start. :headache:

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