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Stardust Showdown

Ladies and gentlemen... I bring you a reconstruction of the epic battle between hedgehog and machine...

"It's a race! I am winning!"

Now, for my thoughts on the piece. Most of my complaints on my own work this time around are in the background; while the characters themselves are nice and the road and fence were decently CG'ed in Photoshop, the background itself and the rain look like they're half-assed in there. My only character complaint is with Eggman; this isn't exactly how I wanted him in the scene and he's just a little on the deformed side. Eggs ain't easy to draw, that's for sure!

As far as the image is concerned, the lineart for each of the characters was individually pencilled on four (count 'em, four) seperate pieces of 8.5x11" paper. The final composite image is 8000x6000 pels (13.3x10"), and I pushed Photoshop past the 1GiB barrier editing this pic.

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