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Poor, poor Amy... she should know that if she DOESN'T want to have any part in being a pawn in ANY of Eggman's schemes, she should stay the hell away from Sonic!

Yay for dyanmics. Once again, I scanned and edited this file at 600DPI ( the same as Lord of One Ring) though I took a close look at exactly how much space the file used in memory. At certain points, the memory used was well over 600MB. Maybe it's time to order another 512MB chunk if I want to continue doing 600DPI editing, as I only had about 400MB available to Photoshop. The finished file is ninteen layers; four for Amy, eight for Metal Sonic (four foreground, four background), four for Sonic, one for the background and two for the jets of flame from Metal Sonic's feet.

I decided to go with Amy's old outfit for this image, since it's a recreation of a scene from Sonic CD. Kind of funny... only three characters in the Sonic continuity have names that don't follow the "name the animal" scheme, of those only two have ever had a costume redesign, and only one of those two was a good guy (so to speak)...

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