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The Song

Tsukuri mashou~
tsukuri mashou~
Sate sate nani ga~
dekiru ka na?~


Yes, I have had Let's make it! (the formal name of the "cooking song") stuck in my head for a while now. I can't get it out! It keeps coming back, and it won't leave me alone! It's just too... damn... cute!

Anyway, to details. I originally wanted to do a different style of outline instead of solid black, replacing the character outlines with a darker version of the base color instead. The setup was fairly easy - creating another layer with 50% opacity over the lineart and setting that to only blend when the underlying layer is only black. The end result left a lot to be desired and I ended up sticking with the plain ol' black outlines anyway.

It might not look that way, but the tape covering Chiyo's mouth (not that it's helping) was penned in via Photoshop. I think it's actually that much funnier, her not being able to sing the damn song and it STILL won't get out of my head. There's something to be said for humming XD

Chiyo Mihama © Kiyohiko Azuma.

I not only lost the PSD source, I never got a chance to print the 300dpi image off for my portfolio. That pissed me off, believe you me.

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Alternate images: Lineart. Notice the tape wasn't added until Photoshop ...primarily because it doesn't have the same impact.
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