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About the WhoopA Network.

The WhoopA Network has existed for over two years, in some form or another. The original site had many of the features that still exist in the site today; the ramdom index title and quote of the day (powered by Javascript), the games I work on and general info about me and my world.

Originally, I didn't want to shell out money for the server, so I wandered the free servers community. I tried them all, and then some. I found a good amount of smaller services that seemed neglected and stayed on with them for a while... but I eventually ran into a problem with each one - losing my password, unable to upload files, not able to use php or CGI - and I wanted more.

Eventually I settled with Veoweb (they are very good and I highly recommend them) - I had used their free services before and decided to give their paid servers a try. I signed up for a domain name,, and life was good.

Or at least, I thought it would be. I ran into problems with my internet provider and was forced to switch ISPs. You may think this would not affect my website, but I had only registered my domain for one year. When the time came to renew, I never recieved the renewal notice because I had failed to notify them of my new email address. It was my fault, not theirs, so don't think I'm badmouthing anyone - I'm not. But I did have to register a new domain name and eventually settled on - where I am now. May it always remain.

The Network itself has gone through two different site designs. The first incarnation of the site used frames and could be painful to look at at times: white text on a brown background. I'll be honest, too: the site wasn't as nearly noframes-friendly as it is now. The second incarnation is the one you see now, with one minor change: I originally used individual images for the secondary sections instead of one long bar. As my HTML skills improved, I changed the sidebar to the version you see now - infinitely easier to update, since I don't have to create a new image for each individual section. =)

The Network has been and will probably always will be my internet home away from home... although I do admit I'm quite partial to Starmen.Net, an Earthbound fan site But that's another story for another day...

About WhoopA
Name: Dan Sandstrom
Age: 21
Screen name pronounciation: whup 'ay
Pastimes: Video games, programming, artistry and video games
Favorite food: Anything with meat, preferably beef or chicken although pork is acceptable too
Favorite soda: Pepsi, especially Pepsi Vanilla. I want my Pepsi Vanilla, damnit!
Favorite music: Metal and rock
Favorite anime: Card Captor Sakura, Initial D
Favorite animated movie: Shrek (computer animation is still animation)
Favorite game: EarthBound and Panel de Pon. ...damn, I can only have one?
Favorite movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Clerks
Favorite thing: Spreading the love
Least favorite food: Peppers, hands down.
Least favorite soda: Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew - the most mindless thing known to man
Least favorite music: Country or gospel. Gospel is worse.
Least favorite anime: Cardcaptors (no, Cardcaptors and Card Captor Sakura ARE NOT the same thing)
Least favorite animated movie: Anything done by Disney Direct. Did we really need multiple sequels to The Lion King?
Least favorite game: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (I HAVE played it - and I've been scarred for life)
Least favorite movie:
Least favorite thing: Stupidity
Sucker for: Cute girls, especially ones in distress
Quote: Even with its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. (The final line of the Desiderata.)

This is me - WhoopA, creator and owner of the WhoopA Network. I program video games in my spare time and am willing to stay up all night to go that extra mile. Of course I stay up all night anyway in the firse place so it's a moot point =/

About V. G. Justice
Name: Justin Strother
Age: 22
Pastimes: Video games, karate, storywriting, and others =)
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite music: Classical
Favorite anime: Escaflowne
Favorite animated movie: The Secret of NIMH
Favorite game: Breath of Fire III. No contest.
Favorite movie: Red Dawn
Favorite thing: Jokes
Least favorite food: Brussels sprouts
Least favorite music: Tie between western or rap
Least favorite anime: Sailor Moon (the US Toonami dub)
Least favorite animated movie: The Secret of NIMH 2
Least favorite game: Rise of the Robots
Least favorite movie: Friday the 13th 2 through Jason Vs. Freddy
Least favorite thing: A poorly done story
Quote: Does 'Patience of Job' mean anything to you?

Justice is the story writer for Comet Games. His stories are great, but sometimes they're a little lacking in the first revision... unfortunately, he has the Master of Unlocking syndrome. He gets better and better with each revision, however, so don't write him off!

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