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Transcend: Descent Into Darkness.

Eons ago, a war raged between the two great races: Man and Dragon. Now the war threatens to spring anew, and the only one who can prevent the outbreak ... doesn't even know that he will. Take the role of Johann, son and heir to Saris Cray, King of Endless. He is woken on the day of the Test - his trial of adulthood, held on his twentieth birthday. The test? To find his calling in life... his destiny.

Along the way, he is assisted by December, descendant of the legendary healer Aura Al'Tair; Tatsuo, a martial artist from the land of Cormire in the east; Riana, a sorceress from the southern city of Moria; Reise, an archmage hailing from the frozen lands in the far north; Roland, the great swordsman from the western lands of Kadarius; Pearl, a mute spellweaver from parts unknown; and Scarr, a mercenary from the forest town of Somercia.

Guiding him on his journey is the legendary wise-guy (in both respects) the Master, with his younger sister Sarra cheering him on from the home front. And behind the young man's journey is Saris, Johann's father.

What do the fates have in store for Johann? Wait and see...

Game Features

  • Take charge of your party - six selectable playable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Experience different events depending on what characters you decide to take with you!
  • Choose your class! Enhance your party's attributes and skills with a system remniscient of a strategy RPG, and learn abilities that allow you to even the odds with your foes!
  • Determine your fate! The decisions you make over the course of the game affect the outcome of the story, with eight (planned) different possible endings!
  • Stack the pack and roll the dice! Build you own custom collection of elemental dice and duel with other characters in the game world to prove who is the true master!
  • Tread with caution. The difficulty is grades higher than you would normally expect, and if you do not steel yourself you will be decimated!
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