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Pictures concieved and penned to paper.

I do enjoy drawing every once in a while. Particularly people. And in specific, cute girls. But I'm not beyond drawing anything that crosses my mind, and the end result is this - a haphazard collection of drawings that I call my art gallery.

Not all my drawings made the cut to get in my art gallery; I'm still finding more of my art and haphazardly loading it as I come across it, as well as finding the best technique for displaying all these images. On top of that, I don't repeat my art so if you're looking for card art (as in Buddies cards) you'll want to look in the Buddies section. But most everything else is here.

Images are sorted by medium with the most recent ones at the start of the list.

CG: complex
CG: simple
Color sketch
Sketches and lineart
Requests and gifts

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