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This is where all the writing I do that doesn't really belong in other areas goes. It can be anything from a tutorial describing how to do a cool effect in RM2k to a rant on stupid people (I get a lot of those) to just some random humor. So kick back, relax and enjoy. There's something for everyone.

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Starmen.Net: The Parody

Me second song parody. Took long enough for me to post on MY OWN SITE. Here I parody the Man himself, "Weird Al" Yankovic, taking a cue from his awesome song (that was also his awesome movie), UHF. Becauyse, as we all know, both places do have it all.

HP Readout and HP Bar for RM2k

Two tutorials in one, but both closely related - a numeric HP readout and a HP percentage bar. Great for things like minigames or even a full on action game if you have the patience for such a thing.

Under the Hood - A look at RM2k's battle formulae

Here, I dissect the method behind the madness that is RM2k's battle damage formulae. Kinda cool, but no scripting information whatsoever. It's not a tutorial, but a reference guide.

Grocery Store Truisms and Because I Got High at the Grocery Store

Gathered from experience and posted here for your amusement. BIGHATGS is a parody of Because I Got High and just covers one poor pathetic fictional soul's journey through the Nine Levels of Grocery Store hell. I got the idea from one of my coworkers.

"B Button" Run tutorial for RM2k

And thus, the greatest myth of RM2k - you can never have two buttons held at once and have RM2k recognize it - is broken. Press Escape to enter the menu Press and hold to run. How's it done? Just look inside and see for yourself.

Party Follow tutorial for RM2k

Also known as the caterpillar effect, this informs you on how to have your party snake behind you like in some of those older RPGs that I grew up and lived off of. Some people says it looks tacky but I disgress... or maybe I'm just on a nostalgia trip =/

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