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Rescue reidman 1+2. Are you a bad enough dude?

reidman, the ever loved czar of Starmen.Net has been kidnapped - first by disgruntled lamers and then by ninjas! Take the path of Tomato, co-webmaster of the site and try to find reid's whereabouts or step into regular Zero_Diamond's shoes and fight off the lamer scourge infesting the lands to rescue reidman from the clutches of the maniacal GodOfCows! The clock is ticking, and if you fail to rescue reidman the site will be gone forever!

Travel to scenic places such as Some Lake, the Forest of SLing and even into the sky to accomplish your mission! There's only one bad enough dude to rescue reid - are you that dude?


Rescue reidman 1!

Rescue reidman 2!

Rescue reidman... 3?!

Download! (Self extracting EXE with 7-Zip; 10.0MiB)

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