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PanelAttack - Tetris Attack, online, with seven players duking it out at once!
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There is one being that has existed for thousands of years. He crosses the cosmos and strives to consume and control all he comes in contact with. He has legions upon legions of subordinates as well as his two personal bodyguards imbued with the eternal spirit of the Phoenix and the might rage of the Dragon.

And now, he's coming to our world.

Thankfully, we have one small measure of protection. Guardians of old have passed down the legends and charges from generation to generation, along with the spirits that mark those destined to protect the world. They live, and they must unite once more to conquer the evil that approaches our world...

Time is running short! Reunite the Guardian Spirits and save the world from the onslaught of Thanatos!

  • Rewrote the entire block physics section.
  • Fixed the psuedorandom number generator - now the fields are actually randomly generated again!
  • Menu overhaul. Same functionality with a hell of a lot less coding on my part, though not all menu options work yet.
  • Added the option to Sync to Vertical Refresh in Setup > Display - locks framerate to your monitor's vertical refresh. Reduces image tearing and also useful for purists angry with the 16ms (62fps) default refresh rate.
  • Removed the Avatar tab from Setup as that's going to be implemented with the theme packages in-game soon.

Default keyboard controls:
Arrow keys - move cursor
Space, Enter - switch blocks
Ctrl (either one) - advance stack

Default mouse controls:
Mouse cursor - move cursor
Left button - switch blocks
Right button - advance stack

Default joystick controls:
X/Y axis - move cursor
Button 1 - switch blocks
Button 2 - advance stack

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