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Other things I gave worked on in the past and that I do not provide support for.

Playlist dump script (1.5KiB)
Current version: Final
Requirements: PHP version 4

Just a script in PHP to convert a playlist in M3U format to easily readable HTML. Change the extention to .php or .php as necessary if you intend to use this on a web page. A standard M3U may not be read properly as some programs do not export meta information into the M3u i.e. Winamp exports meta information while Foobar2000 does not.

Change the number of columns in the list by changing the value in $columns from 6 to the number of desired columns. Turn on and off the display of track lengths by changing $showlength = 0 to $showlength = 1.

The script looks for playlist.m3u by default; pass a different filename in the query string (ex: playlist.php?MyCoolPlaylist.m3u) or in the line "$playlist =" to use a different playlist.

RM2k3 platform game engine (247KiB)
Current version: Final beta demo
Requirements: Windows 95, DirectX 7.0

A platform game engine for RPG Maker 2000 that I moved over to 2003 before ultimately scrapping. The game itself was inspired heavily by more recent Castlevania games (Circle of the Moon in particular). A lack of interest and focus on other projects prompted me to drop this game.

EB: Online Adventure Engine Alpha (247KiB)
Current version: Alpha 0.11
Requirements: Windows 95 or better, DirectX 6.1 or better

Oy vey. I backed up the source code to a CD and the disc gets coasterized. So I have to start over from scratch... Originally the Earthbound - Online Adventure, I plan to make this into an offline/online script based game engine.

Sqrxz '95 (538KiB)
Current version: Final beta 0.2
Requirements: Windows 95 or better, DirectX 6.1 or better

My version of the quintessential jump & run, complete with level editor. The engine is more flexible than those that came before, but has a few... unpleasant surprises that need to be worked out. Like the EB:OLA Engine, I have to start this one over from scratch, too, because the disc got coasterized.

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