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Every so often, an idea pops into my head that absolutely MUST be put to paper (or typed to computer, which is what usually happens.) And such was born my writings page. I used to maintain a section where I listed the characters I exclusively used, but not now. I used to use them in interactive fictions, but not now. Might as well not keep around dead space, eh?

Some of these stories are works-in-progress, and as such may not be complete yet. So please, don't take these stories and make them your own, I'll probably update them and make you look the fool.

Ghost Story

Take one part abandoned house, one part curious girl and one part smuggling ring. Pour into blender and mix well. Garnish with a healthy pinch of fear and restraint.

Even without any supernatural apparitions, the name still fits. The name is in the setup; a classic haunted house ghost story foundation.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Tied Down Cards; The Revenge of Rintama High

Months after they tried to induct Jonouchi back into their gang by a show of force, the gang of Rintama High School finally executes its revenge against Yugi. They've kidnapped Anzu and sent a mysterious duelist to Yugi, intent on showing him once and for all that you don't fuck with Rintama!

No, Rintama is not my own gang; collectively, the gang's one of the minor villans from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. I tried to use the original names for the cards, so it's not Monster Reborn or the Dark Magician Yugi has in his deck, it's Raise the Dead and Black Magician. Even better, the story doesn't stop at the end of the duel... I originally created this as a serial story for the AVGDID board, a message board dedicated to the damsels in distress of anime, manga and video games.

EBOh: The Earth Bound King Chapters: Prologue

After a long legal battle, Ness' dad finally returns home to... set up a comic and card shop. A card game craze sweeps the nation where latent psychic energy brings the cards to life... but who heads the company behind the card game and why have Ness and his friends suddenly been sent on a world-hopping adventure to stop the madness?

This baby is an EarthBound fanfiction half inspired by Yugioh and half by a card game I've based off of SM.Net (with the help of Justice and Ffish and inspired by Jigglysama). And relax, I don't do that "heart of the cards" and "shadow realm" bullshit. That was a plunge to death on top of that skyscraper if the glass broke, not a vortex to the shadow realm THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

What's the magic word? Mario!

Mario is Missing (gasp!) and the gang have to find out what happened to him! Will Peach ever get Mario to taste her cake? Will Luigi get over his fear of crappy edutainment games? And why does Tails know so much about Nintendo games? All this and more on BATTLE. Of the VIDEOOOO GAAAAME HEROOOEEEES!

This is an episode for Battle of the Video Game Heroes. Justice and I sent this in a long time ago, and now it appears that the BOTVGH is dead. What killed it? The same double-edged sword that helps and hurts most websites: popularity. The bandwidth killed it. On a lighter note, if you make "video game" into one word, my little fic is number one on Google. I'll have to fix that =/

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