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Chapter 1 - The Very Unofficial Earthbound Online Comic
The first sixteen strips I did are not part of 2050, but an entirely seperate webcomic called The Very Unofficial Earthbound Online Comic. I originally wanted to do it on a daily schedule, but I couldn't cut it and gave it up after only sixteen strips. Even so, I learned a lot about webcomics... and am rather proud of the Javascript browse page I had set up. Back then I had a free host that wouldn't allow Perl or PHP scripts =/ 1-Boredom 2-Long time waiting 3-I've had enough 4-Lazy bones 5-Back in town 6-Little shop 7-Spacing would be nice 8-Hypnotized 9-Nice to see you, too 10-Snap out of it 11-Catch(phrase) of the day 12-The plot thickens 13-Oh, shit 14-Move! 15-One step behind 16-Crappy recap
Chapter 2 - 2050: Introduction
They say the gods send messages to people in dreams. And lately, Eryck's been having a recurrent one. And it's scaring the hell out of him. 1-Dream 2-Introductions 3-Worry 4-Waiting 5-Cuteness 6-Dick 7-Annoyance 8-Tomorrow 9-Bad Idea 10-Mad Bomy 11-Mistake 12-Terran Speaks 13-Idle chat
Chapter 3 - Excavation
Many miles away, halfway across the surface of Graal, there is a group of archaeologists unearthing a temple from the old age. Inside the temple, they find relics of the past and the keys to releasing the gods of the ancient world... 1-Explosion 2-Teams 3-Fright 4-Wear it 5-The Anger 6-The Slab 7-Easter Spectacular 8-Slab I: Gods 9-Slab II: Elder 10-Slab III: Balance 11-Slab IV: Tomb 12-Private Moment 13-Look at the bomy 14-The Doors 15-Blow wide open 16-Detonation
Chapter 4 - Dream Sequence
After a hard, long day, Eryck finally gets a chance to gain some much needed rest. Of course, when the gods reach out to you in your dreams, this might not be a good thing - especially when you're informed of immenent doom... 1-Intermission (Obligatory videogame reference) 2-Exit Light 3-Enter Night 4-Take my hand 5-We're off to never-never land 6-Meet Mr. Gun 7-Das Hell? 8-Pre-battle posing 9-"I can dodge bullets?" 10-Mighty Bomy 11-How high? 12-Snip 13-Ass Kicking Time 14-Forget about these two? 15-Insult of the highest order 16-That had to hurt 17-Had to happen sometime 18-The Warp Ring 19-Awakening 20-What really happens 21-Fifty
Chapter 5 - l33t h4x0r
They might go by different names to themselves, but thay all have one thing in common. Their holier-than-thou additudes. Sure, given a fair fight you could kick their asses but their fights are hardly fair. Asking help from buddies to attack you and to take all the credit for themselves. Running out into the middle of a match and wildly attacking both combatants. In real life, theyre called posers. In the online world, they're "h4x0r"s. 1-Enter the Poser 2-Hacker speak sucks 3-Disarm 4-Something to kill 5-Say What? 6-The Duel 7-Smackdown 8-There can be only one 9-Lazarus 10-Retrospect 11-Remember when...
Chapter 6 - Illusion Demon Mad'ii
Months pass. Eryck's meeting of the mystery woman fades from his mind, the only memento the rings him and Eileene share. Finally, at a time of deception, on the day reserved for demons of the underworld, the first Demon strikes... 1-What's that? 2-Pissed, isn't she? 3-Changing Roles 4-What game you say? 5-Not in the face! 6-Final Prep 7-Shadow over town 8-Heroes and adventurers 9-Of heavy blunt objects 10-More adventurers 11-Shinkuu Hadou-Ken 12-Outside view 13-Rush Hour 14-No, you freeze 15-Something seriously wrong 16-Go kicky fast 17-Looking for a fight 18-Over my dead body 19-Duel I 20-Duel II 21-Duel III 22-The one missed 23-First blood 24-Deal with the devil 25-Switched? 26-Cycle Strike 27-Freedom 28-What you say?
Chapter 7 - Respite
The Illusion Demon is defeated. Maybe now Eryck and company can get a well deserved break. 1-Temple of Dreams 2-Truename 3-Bomy O's 4-Oversleep 5-Rest, Relaxation and Revolt 6-Famous last words 7-The New Illusion 8-I know the feeling 9-Three Wise Men? 10-Newbie warning 11-What fourth wall? 12-Pick your own 13-It is, or is it? 14-The third musketeer 15-Eryck's Nightmare 16-Dropped the reins 17-Wrong choice of words 18-Drop the hammer
Chapter 8 - The Baddies
The flood gates have come open. Inspired by forces yet unseen, the many factions of this ancient Graal clan suddenly spring to life, against seemingly insurmountable odds to cause one thing and one thing only. A panic only seen since the days of the Great War. 1-Midnight I 2-Midnight II 3-Midnight III 4-Conveinient plot device 5-What the b*nny?
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