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Rescue reidman 3. We're looking for a couple of bad dudes.
Title screen Wandering the field and ripping off jokes from RR1+2 Death comes to all heroes Meet and greet the SM.Net elite Test your skills against powerful foes

The next chapter in the Rescue reidman saga is here! And this time, the czar needs your help directly - rather than being rescued by regulars, he's rescuing himself!

A lifelong dream is about to be realized - the Phase Distorter Mk.5 is nearing completion! A device based on untested "parachronic" technology that can cross space and dimensions, the machine needs only one more component to be finished, and that's the legendary Saturn Crystal. The whole site has been looking for this mythical crystal for a while, and some have yet to return. Rumors that they've vanished off the face of Myopia circulate among the community, but reid's unfazed. Once they finally find what they're looking for they'll come back, he says.

Soon, reid himself is about to find out just how true those rumors are.

Game features
  • A full on action game in RPG Maker XP! No lame random battles or level grinding here!
  • Meet and greet a full range of characters from the Starmen.Net community!
  • Fight the many villains of the expansive Omnitopia, and come face-to-face with the man who is trying to twist the world to his own ends!
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