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Playable Characters
These are the main characters of the game. The world revolves around them ( go read Adv! if you don't get the joke).

Johann Cray
Johann is the crown prince of Quarious, city-state and the capital of the continent/country of Endless, even though he doesn't like to admit it. His demeanor is slightly cynical, but not to a point where he becomes an annoyance. Even with his dry wit, he's a pretty nice guy to be around as long as you get to know him first.

December Al'Tair
December is a descendant of a legendary magician who was said to travel with the hero who destroyed the dragons. As is tradition in the Al'Tair line, she was taught the mystical arts of life energy manipulation and tried to find her calling as a healer. Her training is far from complete, however.

Secondary characters
While also playable in the game, their ambitions and goals differ from that of Johann and December. You may select two of them to join you, but once chosen they can never be changed!

Tatsuo Kameda
Tatsuo is a student of the martial arts schools of the eastern continent Cormire. A child with a natural affinity with flame, he signed on with a martial arts school as a way to try and help him control his passions. As part of his training, he had to seek some sort of success in the outside world. Does his success lie with Johann?

Riana Dulahan
Riana is a haphazard sorceress from the southern city Moria. Growing up under the ever watchful eye of King Nosmo left her with a unquenchable thirstfor the rest of the world, so one night she stole away and escaped to Quarious. Her natural innate capability allows her to forge ice and lightning from vapor; perhaps this ability might come in handy someday?

Reise D'nar
Reise was born into a generally nonviolent community, the northern capital city of Kannis. Restlessness soon beckoned him to choose a path different from the foresting and mining industry, and rather than follow the call to arms that his older brother chose he obeyed the mysterious beckoning of archaic magic. In all reality, one must teach themselves the intricate rituals so he set out from his home to find the answers. His forte lie in fire and ice.

Roland Kamel
Roland has always had a love for swordplay. Early in his life while his peers were playing with toy guns and tanks, he was playing with prop swords. Since the artistry of the sword is rare in the western continent of Kadarius, he left to seek his fortune elsewhere. Years of practice have honed his art so he can wield two weapons at once, but as a sacrifice, he has no magical affinity. Not that he needs it, of course.

The mere sight of Scarr is imposing, to say the least. Seeing any dragonman - a rare breed of human and dragon - is usually enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone stupid enough to cross his path. Scarr sells his girth as a mercenary and because of his brute strength he can wield two weapons at once, but his size limits the armor he can equip. But will his strength see Johann through his adventures?

Pearl Ristar
Pearl was born mute, and her parents cast her out at an early age. Fortunately, she was adopted by a mysterious clan learned in the art of spellweaving - casting spells through motion instead of voice. As Pearl came of age she parted ways with the nomadic mages. Ever since, she has wandered the world, looking for a good adventure. Maybe she'll find it now?

Nonplayable characters
Important people who you'll meet as the story progresses. Some are good, some are bad, and all of them play pivotal roles.

Saris Cray
Johann's father and the king of Endless. As is tradition in Endless, he placed his son Johann through the Trial of Adulthood on his 20th birthday. Part of the trial is touring the world and finding one's true purpose in life - what will Johann's ultimate purpose be?

Sarra Cray
Johann's younger sister by about eight years, and a near spitting image of her late mother Lola. Even though she can't be with Johann on the front lines, she is always at home cheering him on. She also seems to be more skilled at the popular dice game than she initially lets on...

The Master
He sees all. He knows all. And he's extremely good at pissing off Johann. He is The Master. He taught Cunning everything it knows (and it was all a pack of lies, too), and he knows everything there is to know about the world and what's going on. He's good to talk to if you're stuck assuming you can put up with him, of course.

Sir Dawain Kedakai
Head of the army under Chancellor Raynes in Centaries. Years of practicing his skills have brought him to the point of being nearly undefeatable in combat - quite literally, a living legend. But where has he gone off to now?

King Nosmo XXI
The lord of the land in the southern continent. A man who tolerates no evil and brings swift punishment in the midnight hours. Some would say that sometimes he goes too far... but then again, those people are dangerous in the first place.

One of Saris' most trusted allies, Ascheron is an archer by trade hired to see to the training of the armies of Endless. Even though he is a hireling, Saris often sends him on diplomatic missions to the four corners of the world. A silver tounge can get a person quite far, after all.

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